10 Oct 1996

Computer Club Meeting: Oct 10, 1996

1. Members present: steve, tim, darron, darron, kim, ian

2. Actors wanted... Jay introduced an idea of a cable access commercials on Linux, promoting the linux operating system. Scripts, actors, directors, ideas wanted. Any one interested talk to Tim.

3. BYOPS: Bring Your Own Plastic Silverware to the next meeting. The person who brings the most silverware to the next meeting will get a 2.5 meg increase in their account quota. Last place, person who brings nothing, will be forced to eat the TREET, ( pine bark for vegetarians). A free pop to one who brings the greatest quality/quantity of Silverware.

4. Job possibility: The geography dept. is looking for someone to work around 10 hours a week or more configuring/managing Windows NT server/client. Also , some work with Solaris 2.5 systems on Sparc ULTRA 1s. Interested? contact Tim Miley.

5. Free Pizza and Beer!! Ozz is moving his office. People needed to help move. Interested? Contact ozz@yakko.cs.wmich.edu. Starts at 3 p.m. at Park Trade Center this Friday, Oct 11.

6. Timer: The timer is still here. This is not cool. But tonight is the night. Tim is going through it tonight, if you have any concerns, contact Tim quickly.

7. Money, money, money, money... A little over $200.00 was deposited into our account. 8. Warning...Those who have not paid for their account on Yakko will become subject to Tim's wrath!!!! This is a bad thing!

9. Office cleaning next week Saturday in the afternoon, followed by a pizza party.

10. Meeting ended 6:30 pm.