08 Mar 2001

Start: 6:25pm


Members Present: Rattles, Phorce phed, TMiley, Zaphod, Pacd, Lazarus, John, among others

1. Elect a treasurer. Anne Marie is the only nomination. That settles that.

2. Wes has stuff for the treasurer. She gets the checkbook and a treasurer pass-over report thing. We still need to figure out how to get control moved from Nike to whoever the current treasurer is when it happens.

Wes also deposited:

Deposited: $168.00 Total: $869.27

3. The guy from WIDR hasn't shown up yet. Less risky bandwidth in Richland.

4. John suggested we develop some nifty trademark Computer Club logo that we can put on merchandise. This brought up again the idea that the Computer Club needs some T-shirts of our own. Think about it, get prices, vote later.

5. Video card is on its way in theory.