10 Oct 2002

Start: 6:20pm </p><p> End: 6:55pm </p><p> Members Present: Zaphod, Jester, Cheddar, Ajax, Soloa, Rattles, Camber, Mercello, csadmin, 1 guest </p><p> 1.Jeepforum.com uses the same forum code as mother magazine </p><p> 2.Revival of last weeks topic about book checkout. Gasio offered to setup the software, Rattles will help </p><p> 3.Soloa claims we’re already out of some snacks </p><p> 4.Determining presentations dates and topics </p><p>

2002/10/17Rattles w/ OBDC
2002/10/24Turkan's presentation on JDBC
2002/10/31Zaphod will do a presentation on Bash scripting
2002/11/14Jamie McCarthy Your Rights Online
2002/11/21Linux by ?
2002/12/05Paranoia and PGP/GPG csadmin
2003/01/09No presentation, first week back
2003/01/16Linux install party
2003/01/23Basic Unix Presentation

</p><p> Soloa suggested a presentation on how to use Linux for new students </p><p> 5.Dr. Nelson asked Rattles is he wanted to be the student representative for the college of engineering and applied sciences curriculum. </p><p> Treasurer’s Report: </p><p> From our credit union account we bought 2 monitors at $110 each before tax, from office max
2 sticks of 256 pc133 RAM at $25 a stick
One hard drive at circuit city for $60, 40gig at 7200RPM
After paying Eric for Sam’s Club we will have $200 in the Credit Union
In the GLOW account we have our grant money, $400 is owed for books and still to pay for the speaker. After the books and before the speaker balance is ~$1,000