10 Oct 2002

Start: 6:20pm

End: 6:55pm

Members Present: Zaphod, Jester, Cheddar, Ajax, Soloa, Rattles, Camber, Mercello, csadmin, 1 guest

1.Jeepforum.com uses the same forum code as mother magazine

2.Revival of last weeks topic about book checkout. Gasio offered to setup the software, Rattles will help

3.Soloa claims we're already out of some snacks

4.Determining presentations dates and topics

2002/10/17Rattles w/ OBDC
2002/10/24Turkan's presentation on JDBC
2002/10/31Zaphod will do a presentation on Bash scripting
2002/11/14Jamie McCarthy Your Rights Online
2002/11/21Linux by ?
2002/12/05Paranoia and PGP/GPG csadmin
2003/01/09No presentation, first week back
2003/01/16Linux install party
2003/01/23Basic Unix Presentation

Soloa suggested a presentation on how to use Linux for new students

5.Dr. Nelson asked Rattles is he wanted to be the student representative for the college of engineering and applied sciences curriculum.

Treasurer's Report:

From our credit union account we bought 2 monitors at $110 each before tax, from office max
2 sticks of 256 pc133 RAM at $25 a stick
One hard drive at circuit city for $60, 40gig at 7200RPM
After paying Eric for Sam's Club we will have $200 in the Credit Union
In the GLOW account we have our grant money, $400 is owed for books and still to pay for the speaker. After the books and before the speaker balance is ~$1,000