17 Oct 2002

Meeting Start: 6:20pm

Meeting End: 6:45pm

Members Present: rattles camber jester ajax chedder soloa gasiorek zaphoe charlie

1. Our two monitors came in and will be picked up on Saturday.

2. Cue Cat scanner will now read isbn's for our library checkout system and will be demoed at the next meeting.

3. CS112 Students are being given extra credit to attend our presentations. CS111 Students will be given extra credit starting next week. Thanks to Scott Flemming.

4. Soloa picked up 2 sticks of 256MB of RAM which she brought in today.

5. Jamie McCarthy has given conformation for his presentation. He will be presenting "Your Rights Online" on Nov. 14 at 7:00pm. Rattles will get a room in the Bernhard Center.

6. Next week Turkan will be presenting JDBC

7. Tonight at 7 Rattles will be presenting ODBC on unix systems.