11 Nov 2004

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 11/11/2004
Members present: Tim, Joe, Chris, Eric, Isaac, Darren<p>

1> Lan party went well.
Exact counts not available, but we took in about $200 net.<p>

Do we want to do it again? Yes. We want to have Jan 29th as a tentative date. Bryan and Eric started advertisement. Issues to address in the future: Power for the food stand. Apparently we had electricity issues. Also, the tournament took too long. <p>

People showed appreciation and generally the group agreed that it was successful. People also appreciated that they could play what they wanted to. The motivation is to get people playing on one giant game.<p>

Next time, we might need to check out more rooms as spillover. We’re relatively close to the limits of the room. Pricing issues? Most of the foods were fairly cheap. Our $5 is a great attraction. <p>

Did most pay at door? 10-15 showed up and paid at door. Isaac suggests we lower price of pop. Balls did pretty well. We had three cases. One case remains. It was a really good seller. $1.50/bottle was the price.<p>

The vegetarian food didn’t sell. The quesadillas didn’t move. We may keep the Boca burgers. The chili and cheese didn’t move too well and it was a lot of hassle. Nachos didn’t sell at first LAN party. Mozzarella sticks were good seller, as were burgers and hot dogs. <p>

Pizzas did ok. <p>

2> Do we want more presentations?

We have requests for a wireless presentation in linux and how to use NDIS wrapper when necessary.<p>

We have only two weeks remaining. Joe suggests that we don’t have much time to put together a presentation. Eric volunteered to do a presentation on NDIS wrappers and wireless.<p>

Another presentation on C++ review was scheduled for Dec. 2nd.<p>

3> Suggestion to get a VPN into the office so we can bring machines into the office.

The VPN machine would be located here so we can run the traffic from the office into the machines at the Parkview building. <p>

We would need to do research on how to connect through VPN. Tim suggested he would research it over Thanksgiving break.<p>

Matt suggested that we should talk to Trenary about whether he could prod OIT. Matt wants to know why it would take so long. General discussion ensued about security, networks, etc.<p>

Matt suggests that we might want to research VPN and also prod Cotton at the same time. Have Trenary talk to Jim Cotton.<p>

4> We need people with architectural skills.

We really need shelves but we don’t have the experience to build one.<p>

Matt offers ambitious ideas about how we should build a deck and make the office a two story structure. We took turns trying to shoot the idea down.<p>

We offered Chris Pruden beer, gas money, etc, but he wasn’t interested.<p>

5> Adjourned at 7:05 PM.<p>