07 Jul 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 7/07/05
6 attended: Eric, Joe W., Miles, Tim, Ed., and Melissa J.
Meeting begins 7:22PM

1) General
Melissa needs a user account.

2) Official Tresurer Report.
we made $430.59 from the LAN party.
current cash $624.13.
The bank account amount is currently unavailable.

3) Bronco Bash
In the application must contain all food items for consetion.
No beverages are allowed for handing out.
There will be no chance for Ice cream or bawls on location of BB.
You can request permission for use of a generate that must be approved.
they must be quiet and are limited to other areas with generators.
We may have to limit to laptops.
we are allowed however to have beverages and food for ourselves.
a decent promotion idea: buy a $10 membership get a free bawls.
idea: sell membership at BB and supply a voucher for the free bawls.
Joe W. suggests we are placed near Gamers guild and Anime addicts.
Ed suggests IEEE.
We need to research another round of T-Shirts.
We need to modernize the membership forms.

4) Logo and Websites.
Joe W. has finished a new layout for the site and is ready to post.
All attending members have approved it for posting.

5) Plan 4
The dates have been sent to the Dean for the event.
Currently any events are being held off until the Dean can meet with any officials with concerns with the park view campus. He says that we may know by the end of July.
He wishes to review security policies of the campus.
there have been concerns with students and individuals staying after hours.
Another major concern is lack of security cameras, appr. 20% of the campus is covered.
There are concerns of lack of security officers.
Plans are on hold, and if no word is heard by Aug. 1st, we will take further action.

meeting ajourned 8:06PM