02 Nov 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 11/2/06
Started: 6:28pm

12 Members Present: Mark, Tim, Dan, Joe W, Carl, Velex, Miles, Brian, Anthony, craig, ed, sean

PLAN6: TIme period reduced: Noon - Midnight + (1 hour to clean up)
Key will be picked up by Dan
Server status not changed, still need servicing
Extra microwave needed for usage(tim volunteers his)
Extra purchases need to be made for consessions
More bawls needs to be purchased
Bawls cans should be able to be returned at meijer
Possibly Free Pizza providing their is a good turnout
Ad will be placed in the western herald for $40
Placing an ad at the Millar Movie for $10

Couch situation continues, craig is discussing all options for a couch with his sister

Sean will be doing OGRE presentation for 11/9/06

Meeting ajourned at 7:04pm