25 Mar 2010

CCLUB Minutes March 25, 2010
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: butters
VP: ohnomrbill
Treasurer: cokezero
Secretary/WSA Rep: scrabble

drc arrives 1756

intercom announces mtg start 1800

butters: as of today we are ready to go with uber
|home directories are syncing at midnights
|needs to change its home name so it can become yakko
|does not currently have its proper home name
|currently has mismatched home name error
|dns should still point to uber

cokezero: swearing over tts is bad

butters: cotton gift card?
|in appreciation for us being able to be idiots
|shall be acquired sometime next week
|funding allocation passes by general consent

drc: we should buy a really awesome soldering iron

the bill for the PLAN shirts hasn’t shown up yet. fail.

geekout this sat at 11pm

cokezero: slightly over 700 in the drawer

butters: against purchasing $200 soldering iron
drc: it’s state-of-the-art

yay for new member

discussion on soldering iron tabled

rancor: we should have attractive members at cclub bronco bash table

butters, rancor, tim, and kneuts nominated for president

club elects to take a “no opinion” stance on SFI

safety issues should be addressed

meeting closes 1858