26 Jan 2012

6:01 Meeting starts
6:02 clean the room
6:03 check for unsafe objects around the office
6:04 weather balloon: talk to us about ideas
6:07 PLAN: ivy LoL, possible form of advertising
website people may sponsor
wimples will advertise at gamer’s guild
6:10 continuing geekouts every sunday at 7
6:12 interest in sweatshirt?
6:13 reseller sparkfun, newegg, or tigerdirect. anyone interested?
6:14 first presentation next week after meeting: drc
6:14 gamer’s guild is asking us to run a LAN party at bernhard, on Saturday, the 25th of February; can set up on the 24th
they need us to run the LAN: switches, network cables, power strips, etc.
for about 20 - 30 people
6:20 adjourned
6:25 drc appears