15 Oct 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes, October 15th, 2015

  • Minutes by cpg
  • Head Count: 24


  • Posters are available for printing and posting! Feel free to print it from here in color, if you can.
  • We will be meeting in Computer Club next Wednesday (October 21st) for an important PLAN meeting about promoting the event.


  • Computer Club shirts will be designed by kami this year. Send any suggestions directly to her.

Game Inventor’s Club

  • GIC is meeting again this semester! The next meeting will be 4:30 - 7 PM in the Computer Club room.
  • Regular meetings are Mondays at 6 PM in the same room.

HitCon CTF

  • The HitCon CTF will be starting at 10 PM on Friday. Join the #ctf channel for more information and updates.

Upcoming Talk

  • We will be scheduling a talk put on by one of our members next month!

Room Power

  • We are anticipating getting permanent ceiling outlets installed in the room next week!