05 May 2016

May 5th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by mobyte in emacs

5 people in attendance: nospace, stringy, cpg, ohhimark, and mobyte

On a Thursday, 6:00PM, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • If you’re interested in Defcon 2016, get in contact with flay on IRC.
  • Estimated cost would be $1000.

Oculus Rift

  • Our consumer edition Oculus Rift has arrived!
  • However, none of our computers at the Computer Club can handle its awesomeness.
  • We’re thinking of building a new computer with capable hardware so we can run it.
  • Based on a cost estimate by mobyte, it may cost somewhere between $700 and $1000.
    • I will post a parts list on IRC and people can give feedback.
  • Alternatively, ohhimark is offering to sell us a computer.
    • Specs are: Intel i5-4690k overlocked at atbout 4.5GHz, Z79 ASRock Motherboard, lots of fans, 8GB DDR3-2133 RAM, 120GB SSD, 850W 80+Bronze PSU, and GTX 780 GPU.
    • We would probably need to swap out the GPU.
  • We can compare our final parts list to what ohhimark is offering and see which machine we go with.

Kohrman Swipe Access

  • We now have swipe access for the Kohrman building.
  • However, only two people are given access: stringy and nospace.
  • nospace will be in the computer club office a lot in the summer, so check with him on IRC if you want to get in the room.
  • In the fall, kami and nospace will be the holders of swipe access.

Summer Project Ideas

  • Shall we start up hackathons again? Anyone have any ideas for new projects?
  • hellbacon wants to make a web version of the POS, contact him if you want to help.
  • ohhaimark is working on an ergonomic mechanical keyboard (Dactyl). Check the wiki for info (https://cclub.cs.wmich.edu/wiki/Dactyl_Keyboard).
  • nospace has brought up the idea fix the arcade cabinet, ohhimark knows electrical work, so he could help.
  • Angular is an ongoing project, we could use ideas for what we’d like to do
    • nospace suggested noise detector for room
  • Do we want to work on another general purpose bot, similar to botler?
  • If you weren’t at the meeting and you have ideas of your own, let us know on IRC.