03 Mar 2022

March 3 2022 Minutes taken by acp 10 people in attendance 4500 dollars in the bank.


  • Blacktops have been made, some components still need to soldered on.
  • They also need to be flashed and tested.
  • Many students in the class still need them to do homework.


  • Need to get horizontal image for putting on parkview monitors.

Covid Protocols

  • As of Monday masks are no longer required outside of classrooms.
  • Busses and classes still have masks required.
  • Still carry masks, as they are still important.
  • Still wear a mask in the room.

Science Olympiad

  • March 19, shortly after Spring Break.
  • Paper says we need 9 volunteers, but we probably only need 3 or 4.
  • In the morning, should only take an hour.
  • Let alu know if you want to help, we could use the help.


  • Server problems are bad right now.
  • Yakko has been accussed of port scanning, which we did not do.
  • Firewall logs say that port scanning did not come from us.
  • Yakko is still under heavy scrutiny because it’s very outdated.
  • On return after break we really need to fix this.
  • Yakko may still be moved offsite.
  • We have still been asked to turn Yakko off sometime this week.
  • We don’t really know what we are going to do right now.