15 Sep 2022

September 17th, 2022

Minutes taken by Ming alu, ming, acp, g’kar, rezenee, kv, kakit, girrocks, chago, new member, rage, kahrl, shpinz, ~10 new members, scooter, mark, hardik, minitron, quite a lot of people today

MSP BuyBack Day!

- $30 per board + blacktop and must be in working condition

Welcome New Students

Student Success Center

- Open this week
- E121 @ parkview
- P110 @ eldridge
- You can find it online, an email was sent previously, but there are also flyers around

International Collegiate Programming

- Tryouts are tomorrow at 3pm, A-213 @ parkview
- A team programming against other teams

Programming Proposals

- Department takes proposals and distribute funding, we can propose events that we need budget for (hackathon, senior design projects, etc)
- Can give some ideas for what to fund
- Will not buy t-shirts, plane tickets, etc
- Need to fill out soon

Engineering Expo

- September 21st
- Employees will be there, you can come and find out what opportunites are available
- You can also have your resume reviewed as well
- Go talk and practice with your interviewing skills

Student Headshots

- Theyre providing free headshots
- Sep 20-21th from 12pm-4pm E-121 at Parkview

Synth Stickers (50 for $103)

- Ordering decals for a synth
- Only members who paid their dues and have been here for a month at least can vote on this

Engineering without borders

- Low on engineers, please come and join
- Talk to alu and adam
- Will disband if there's no more members


- A new RSO through the business college

Game Jam

- Make games and vote which one is the best
- Starts mid-day and ends mid-day on the 9/30-10/2
- Can do anything except using premade projects (pre-made are allowed)

New Keybox!

- As a member of the club, you'll get access to the keybox and get access to the clubroom 24/7

Resume Review

- Get your resume reviewed!
- Parkview Cafe Critique are also open tomorrow, 19, 20 from 12-3pm
- Other companies will come over and critique your resumes as well

Science Olympiad

- Happening on March 18th
- Will need volunteers for the event