Disable User Lookup Popup in osTicket v1.9.5.1

29 Jan 2015

It appears I’m not the only person using osTicket for internal ticket tracking. The project has come a long way since I started using it, unfortunately most of the advancements are undesirable to my use. The software is geared toward having new tickets represent requests created by or in behalf of a user, rather than a pool of tasks needing assignment to agents. After replacing most of the default department names, groups, help topics, and SLA plans with things more meaningful to my use I was ready to get to work adding tickets. As I was populating tickets I grew increasingly annoyed by the need to fill in my name as the requester for each ticket. This dialog floats over the rest of the page content each time I click New Ticket.


Coworkers in my department already seemed uninterested in the prospect of using an internal ticket system, so I felt compelled to try and iron out foreseeable gripes about the particular implementation before subjecting them to it.

My fix for this annoyance was a quick edit to the file include/staff/ticket-open.inc.php. At the very end of that file I commented out the original javascript and added some that behaves as if a user was just selected through the popup. The user ID I choose was “6” which corresponds to a new user I created named “Internal Ticket”, but this value will obviously need to be adjusted for your own use.

    // Popup user lookup on the initial page load (not post) if we don't have a
    // user selected
    if (!$_POST && !$user) {?>
    /*setTimeout(function() {
      $.userLookup('ajax.php/users/lookup/form', function (user) {
        window.location.href = window.location.href+'&uid='+user.id;
    }, 100); */

    setTimeout(function() {
    window.location.href = window.location.href+'&uid=6';
    }, 100);
    } ?>

So now when I click on New Ticket, the “Internal Ticket” user is auto-filled for me.

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