What's a Hackathon?

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Current Hackathons: Horsetalk and Botler. See below.

What is a Hackathon?

There are multiple definitions of hack. "To play inexpert golf", "To rear a young hawk", "To operate a taxicab", etc. But the one of which we are speaking is none of those nor is it the definition regarding gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. (That's what CTFs are for.) These Hackathons are based off of the original computer-related hack definitions:

"To write computer programs for enjoyment"
"To create a usually creative solution to a computer hardware or programming problem or limitation"

So vocabulary lessons aside, what is a Computer Club Hackathon?

Well, Hackathons are a weekly CS workshop / programming party. We'll start a new project every month and gather once a week to work on it.

At Hackathons you get a chance to work with other club members to work on a variety of programming projects.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Building an IRC Bot
  • Writing our Own Shell.
  • Writing a Collaborative C Library
  • Introduction to nodejs
  • Etcetera...

We Don't Care What Language You Speak

Whether it be: Java, C#, C, Python, Chinese, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Arabic, Fortran, Pig Latin, Whitespace, Malbolge, C++, HTML or Javascript, you are welcome to join us and maybe learn a new language in the process.

Hackathon Projects

  • Hackathon 1 - November/December 2014 - Botler - Modular bot butler for our inhouse IRC channel https://github.com/ccowmu/botler
  • Hackathon 2 - March 2015 - Horsetalk - IRC-backed chat system targeted at the whole WMU community. (Development is limited to the current team in order to properly implement the Scrum framework.)
  • Summer and Fall 2015 Hackathon and Workshop Series - Coming soon. We will be doing things such as installing Linux, making that C library, building a chat client, and more.

Summer 2015 Hackathon Projects

Starting this Summer 2015 we will begin working on our very own CTF.

Hackathons will be held to write problems

For more information visit: ccawctf

When and Where are Hackathons?

Hackathons start in the Computer Club room (2225 Kohrman Hall) at 5:00 PM on Fridays.

/j #hackathon to contribute during the week.


If you have anything you wanna learn or work on tell us in #hackathon.

Or send an email to cclub.