New Member Orientation

How do I get started?

To get started you can come to check out a Thursday night meeting or come visit the room or check out our office hours. Someone should be there to help you get signed up or just tell you about club and the atmosphere.

You don't have to know if you want to join when you come in, everyone is welcome to come to meetings or visit the room until they've made a decision!

Things to Know

Information about our primary chat service, Riot, can be found here

Please ask us any questions you may have. We're more than happy to help when we get a moment!

To make the most of your time we advise you to hit some milestones

  1. Get a Linux distro running on your primary machine or as a virtual machine.
  2. Write a bot for our chat service.
  3. Participate in a CTF.
  4. Contribute a new page to the wiki.
  5. Make something! Get us excited about a project that you're interested in, and we'll come together to make it happen.
  6. Get hired somewhere awesome.

What else should I do?

Talk to other members, and help those in need.

Keep in mind, that we're all students and volunteers. Tell us how to help you, if there are resources that aren't any good, or aren't making sense, you can tell us so we can make things better.

It's our goal to build an environment that helps you to grow. We can help get you up and running, but we need your feedback to make sure everyone is getting the most out of the club.

Closing Remarks

Computer club is dynamic and history has shown that we make more than we document. There are a ton of services, resources, and opportunities which are hidden or not as obvious. The club has been around for almost 40 years now, so you can count that much has already been done. Click around the homepage and the wiki, or best of all ask veteran members and you'll be amazed by what we have already done.

Read through the wiki, and our blog aggregator, Planet Yakko to get an idea of what our other members have been up to.