Social Media

Contact Points

Being active in our chat service Riot is the quickest way to get ahold of us.

We've got a Twitter Facebook, and a bunch of other stuff that will all go here when I find them.

Important Emails

This is our main, public facing Facebook page.
Here you will find public posts, general contact information, and any other kind of announcements. Go throw us a like!
If you are a current CClub member, you can request access to the Computer Club facebook group.
Warning: At the time of writing, CClub does not have access to the facebook pages
We post a lot of surveys, announcements, and internal news updates here.
You can also feel free to use this group for any communication needs you may have if mail and/or irc is down.


This is our official Twitter account.
If you use Twitter, follow it for updates or reminders on events that are happening.

Our official twitch account where we stream our Thursday night meetings on occasion.