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Real Name: Xander Wardell

Occupation: Game Developer

Joined: September 2017

Has been in the game industry for about 5 years at the time of writing and is happy to talk about his experiences. Mostly experienced with C++ and C# and loves those languages to death. Notoriously not a fan of Linux, more specifically the elitism that most Linux fans display.

As far as club contributions go I created #img and that's about it.

Oh, and I may or may not be club's first Club Historian.

CCAW Game Jam Spring 2019 Submission


Fruit Floater

"Try your hand at some good ol' fashion farmin'!

Rules are simple: Put fruit in the export bucket (marked with a $) to get money and use that money to upgrade yourself until you can afford to retire! Oh, and the farmer's market don't take kindly to being handed feces, so don't give them crap unless you plan to compensate them."

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux