Welcome to Computer Club at WMU. We're glad to have you, and hope that the club will prove to be an invaluable resource for you. Here is a guide on how to get set up.


Computer Club hoests a variety of services for use by club members:

  • Chat
  • Wiki
  • Access to our room in Kohrman Hall
  • Gaming PCs
  • Networking opportunities

To gain access to all of these features, you'll have to sign up for an account through our system. If you would like to sign up to join the club join us for a meeting in 2225 Kohrman hall Thursdays at 6pm! If you can't make it to a meeting, email rso_cclub@wmich.edu and we can set you up that way.


Computer Club self-hosts a chat service using the matrix protocol. Our chat is hosted on a server that is held in Floyd Hall, WMU's engineering building on the Parkview campus. The the open source client we use is called Element but you may some times hear it called by previous names like Riot or Vector.

Logging In

There are multiple methods for logging into our chat: our website, the Element desktop app, and the Element mobile app.

Via Our Website

To log into chat from our website start by clicking the "Chat" tab on the homepage or by visiting cclub.cs.wmich.edu/chat

Chat login landing page

From here you can log in with your credentials

Element Desktop App

You can also download a standalone desktop app to access chat. Find the instructions to install on Windows, MacOS, and Linux here. Since the matrix protocol is decentralized, you have to tell the desktop app where our chat server lives to find us. Before entering your credentials, click "change"

Highlighted change button on login landing page

Enter https://cclub.cs.wmich.edu as the homeserver URL

Other servers option from the sigh up page with the correct URL in for the homeserver

Now you can proceed to login like you would on our website.

Sign in page with example credentials

The Element App for Andriod and IOS

You can download the element app on your phone and log in from there.

The setup is similar to the desktop app, you'll have to enter our homeserver URL. When asked to select a server choose "Other", then enter https://cclub.cs.wmich.edu

mobile options selected

Select "Sign In" and provide your credentials.

sign in page and credentials page

Joining Rooms

Upon first log in you will not be in any rooms. You may recieve a request to join a direct message with our bot. To join rooms on our website click the "Explore" button in the upper left.

image of explore button

On the desktop client find the compass icon labled "explore rooms" in the upper left next to the search bar.

hovering over compass to show explore rooms lable

From here join our main room #geeks where we can guide you further or join any other rooms you may find interesting!


Computer Club has a wiki on our website where you can find articles about various random computer club things. To view any link that isn't marked public you'll have to log in at the top right side of the page

Kohrman Hall

The Computer Club is lucky enough to have our own space on main campus, you can find it at 2225 Kohrman Hall. As a member you can have access to the room whenever you need it. In our room you will find gaming PCs, gaming consoles, a work station with tools, a place to study, and many other things that are assets to students.