Just head down to Kohrman Hall, Room 2225 during office hours or on any Thursday at 6pm. A one-year membership costs $10 and gets you:

  • Awesome Job Networking
  • Standing invite to compete on our CTF Team
  • Discounts on entry to PLAN
  • Access to our tools, servers, and educational resources

You can pay in cash or via Paypal to

What is really offered by cclub cannot be summarized by this or any list. When I joined I had pretty low expectations, and having been involved I can say easily, and honestly, that this is the best thing that I've been involved with since I came to WMU. The rate at which I learned by being surrounded by engaged, knowledgeable peers is incomparable to anything I've experienced in any of my classes and I often hear the same from my peers.

- flay

(Former President)