Bronco Hacks Hackathon

Join us for the first ever hackathon hosted at WMU!
The event will run over 24 hours, starting at 6PM on April 8th and ending at 6PM on April 9th. It will take place in the West Suites at the Bernhard Center

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At Bronco Hacks, students will be given 24 hours to build a technical project of their choice. After the build time is elapsed, students will be given the opportunity to show off their projects and win prizes!

The event is completely free and food will be provided for all attendees.

Over the course of the event, presentations and talks will be given by WMU alumni, RSOs, and current students Any sponsor companies will also set up tables to collect resumes and network with students. All students are encouraged, regardless of their coding experience. We would love to see projects from all branches of engineering! Any questions? See below for frequently asked questions and event list.

While vegetarian food options will be provided, if you have any other food restrictions due to allergy or personal belief, please be prepared with meals for the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where and when is Bronco Hacks?
A: Bronco Hacks takes place from 6PM April 8th to 6PM April 9th. It will be held in the West Suites at the Bernhard Center

Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone can participate as long as they are a current student, students from universities outside of WMU are encouraged to join as well!

Q: Do I have to stay the entire 24 hours? A: 24 hours is a long time, if you want or need to leave at any time, you are always free to do so. Re-entry will be permitted most hours, with the exception of the time which the Bernhard is locked (see below)

Q: What happens if I can't show up on time, is a late arrival acceptable?
A: April 8th 6-7pm is our official check in time. Students who cannot make this are encouraged to show up at any time with the exception of the hours during which the building is closed (11pm until 6am) as mentioned below.

Q: Will the Bernhard Center be accessible all 24 hours of the event?
A: For safety reasons, entrance to the Bernhard Center will be restricted between the hours of 11pm and 6am. While you are free to leave during these times, re-entry will not be permitted until 6am when the building reopens. Students already in the building are encouraged to stay.

Q: What if I’m not a Computer Science major?
A: Every team doesn’t necessarily need to be full of coders! Just like a start-up, there can be a creative designer, a project manager and many more!

Q: I don’t know how to code, is that fine?
A: Not a problem! It’s entirely irrelevant what your experience is going into a hackathon, it’s more about your interest in technology and creating things!

Q: Do all of the submissions have to be exclusively software?
A: Not at all, while hackathons are generally focused around software, many teams will include a hardware component to their builds. Feel free to include as much or as little hardware in your project as you want

Q: Will I need to bring my own hardware for my project?
A: While we will attempt to provide general small electronics for this event, you are highly encouraged to come prepared with your own hardware to ensure you have access to the components you need.

Q: How will the submissions be judged?
A: There will be a round of judging on April 9th, 4PM in which teams will present their solution “science fair style”. The winner will be announced during the closing ceremony.

Q: Will the competition be run in teams?
A: Students can form teams of 1-4 students to compete if they wish. While we will have a team forming session at the beginning of the event, arriving with team members before the event starts is encouraged.

Event Schedule

Check back soon as more events are likely to be added closer to the date of the event!

April 8th

6-7 PM: Event Check In
7-7:30 PM Opening Ceremony
7:30-8 PM Team Findng Workshop
8-8:30 PM How to Excel at a Hackathon
10-10:30 PM Talk: Stop Worrying And Let The Compiler do The Work
11-11:59 PM Late Night Snacks

April 9th

6-7 AM Breakfast
9AM RSO Table Event
10-10:30 AM Talk: Roles in CyberSecurity
12-12:30 PM Lunch
1:30-2 PM Talk: The Cursed Computer Iceberg
4:30-5:30 PM Project Demonstrations and judging
5:30-6 PM Closing Ceremony And Winners