27 Mar 1997

Computer Club Meeting : March 27, 1997 </p><p>

  1. Members present : steve, tim, darron, darren, jay, craig, steve fox, dominik, ian, kim </p><p>
  2. Warcraft II & Macintosh…what do these have in common? Michi Rose’s son is having trouble with connecting over the modem his Warcraft game. She would like someone who can help. If you have knowledge of Warcraft II and Macintosh, please email steve. </p><p>
  3. Donald…strike three. </p><p>
  4. Officer nominations : President & VP must be full time students. -President : Steve Sedore -Vice-President : Tim Miley -VP of operation : Darren Slocum, Darron Christian -VP of Finance : Darren Slocum, Dominik Rabiej -Secretary : Dominik Rabiej, Craig Hancock -Treasurer : Craig Hancock, Dominik Rabiej, Tim Miley Voting will take place next meeting. Be there. </p><p>
  5. WSA issue : a flashback Last years WSA election was so full of contemptible fraud and misbehavior that we refused to recognize it as our representative voice because of all the problems. At current point, we still don’t recognize them, but if they fix their electoral process, we may be willing to recognize them, provided it passes voting of executive officers. </p><p>
  6. Commercial : So far, we have only two ideas…hint hint hint. Keep those ideas coming. </p><p>
  7. We have a chess server, it’s on port 5000. check it out. </p><p>
  8. Meeting ended 6:41 pm. ‘Believe in thine own pc, and thou shalt be saveth.’ </p>