09 Oct 1997

October 9th, 1997 </p><p> Present: Steve, Tim, Dennis, Darren, Kim, Ian </p><p> steve just got out of a meeting with the folks at netlink. All those officers who have webpages, let’s get those up so we can field test it before people start trying to use it and complaining. This weekend, those officers with webpages who would like to set them up, then this Monday we announce it. necessary administration has been made pretty easy for us (password changes on yakko.cs.wmich.com need to be manually done by us). </p><p> The acceptable use policy needs to be read by everyone, no ifs ands or buts. Should people come in and sign something? That might eliminate lots of folks, but might also motivate folks to come in. We have too many members who haven’t shown up for six months (or even EVER at all!)…it would be nice to try to promote activity. </p><p> We’re out of some diet stuff. Effort will be made to acquire a cheap local source so we don’t have to make a long distance run. </p><p> Wayne has all of the VAXStations and is still working on them, everything is going according to schedule. He will get in touch with Steve to arrange dropping them off. Later we need to take one system and wipe it so Wayne can show us what he did to get it up and running, so at least one person here knows what they’re doing! </p><p> Attendance at meetings started out okay but has dropped horribly; what can we do? Steve would like to get a big sign for the door, COMPUTER CLUB, signup sheet below, meeting every Thursday at 6. Tim had some other ideas… </p><p> Tim: While I agree that letting everyone know about the webpages, that tends to overly narrow our focus. I’d like to draw a wider variety of members. We could go through just about every room in Dunbar and write something on infrequently used blackboards. Leaving flyers in the labs around campus….I made a bunch of new flyers the other day [all of which look really good!] focusing on a number of areas. I’ll photocopy and stamp them, I’d like some help posting them in authorized areas (round kiosks, bulletin boards, etc). In order to post them at dorms, we need to ask at the front desk of the resident director of the dorm. Possibly a mass campus mailing – again, ask dorm directors – to hit everyone’s mailbox with. At five flyers to a page it wouldn’t be too costly. But we NEED to advertise, so we’re not just seen as “the snack shop”. </p><p> Dennis will work on a sign for the office door. </p><p> Steve wants a killer app! Doesn’t have to be a MUD. How about a chat server? (Darren has one running…) </p><p> Tim: The BBS died a quick death. </p><p> Darren: NUTS is pretty much maintenance free for a talker… </p><p> Steve: Whatever this is, we have to have it running on the VAX (ugh!) because that’s where most people hang out [because they don’t know any better!]. Xtank (for those with X terminals) tournaments? </p><p> Ian: Games are time sinks… </p><p> Steve: True, but the Club was originally founded out of games. When we had Monster running things were rather busy. </p><p> Tim: Just for giggles I could try to compile Conquer on the VAX… </p><p> Steve: I don’t know what the VAX people do these days other than email. If anyone comes up with ideas on how to increase club involvement, put it forth. At the very least we need all our officers consistently attending. </p><p> Tim: We NEED increased attendance by grunt members! We have lots of people graduating this year or already graduated, and if we get complacent, by this time next year this room could be turned into some boring old grad student kaffeclatch thing, and the Computer Club’s twenty-year history could just VANISH. </p><p> WSA stuff </p><p> Tim: If anyone around here had any sense they’d be up in arms over the 10% tuition increase. Sure, the parking problems are bad, but there are more important things to worry about… </p><p> Darren’s WSA report: I made a foil swan out of a gum wrapper. </p><p> Tim: After the meeting I met with Corey Watt, and he seems to think that I’m his right hand man. We brainstormed on trying to get WSA to do something useful. I’m trying to help “channel his energy” while keeping my focus on the Computer Club and presenting our issues to WSA. </p><p> ADVERTISING STUFF! </p><p> Tim still needs to get ahold of Michelle Wall. An idea has been proffered. Text has been written, a photograph has been conceptualized, all that remains is to set up and snap the photo. We’ll try to have it done before next meeting. </p><p> MEETING WITH LIGHT </p><p> No word yet…why are we not surprised? Wait until the webpage news starts to get out. Trenary will HAVE to address the issue SOMEHOW, lest he again be accused of stonewalling. Let’s motivate him to admit it’s not his issue, say who has the real problem with webpages and climb the ladder from there. Doc Light has more pull than Doc Wright (we’re living in a Doc Seuss book!) </p><p> Tim: I got mail from Phil Zimmermann, he’s too busy to come talk. Declan is still okay but I have to get off my butt and finish the student budget allocation request. All my requests so far have been with John Vanderpool [sp?] as chairman, and they were all denied. </p><p> Treasury report: Still getting membership money. Our Freidmann mailbox had seven renewals the other day, and two more today. We made about 95 bucks on pop and food this week. Current balance is over 1600. Members have even been slipping money under the door… :) </p><p> Meeting DOA, 7:05. Gleep! </p><p> </p>