26 Feb 1998

February 26th </p><p> Present: Steve, Dennis, Darron, Ozz, Wesley, Isaac, Tim, Ian, Sean </p><p> Steve: First and foremost, Chicago trip is next Saturday. Dennis acquired a vehicle. When does everyone want to leave Saturday? Does 8am work for all? (Trip takes about 3 hours.) We’ll meet at the front door/lobby of Dunbar. Plan is to arrive 10am Chicago time, leave between 8-9pm and return around 11pm our time. Bring money for food, Battletech, and whatever else we come across (museums, miscellaneous). Bonnie needs names and SS numbers for all who will be going, so get this to me if you haven’t already. I have 13 so far, give or take some; the van supposedly seats 15. Who wants to drive? I suppose I can drive if Tim hasn’t had enough sleep, but I’ll need a map and a navigator…Darron’s nominated. Give us suggestions for things to do; Tim wants to hit the Three-Story Bookstore… Good places to eat, for instance. </p><p> Again, we need more officers… I won’t repeat the whole spiel since I sound like a broken record. (See previous meetings’ minutes) </p><p> Ian: I nominate Ozz for VP! </p><p> current nominations: </p><p> VP - wesley Secretary - paul Treasurer - darron VP of operations - darron VP of finance - tim </p><p> Per constitutional requirements, pres and VP must be full-time students. </p><p> Tim: WSA rep could be created as an appointed office..must be a student and attend all the WSA meetings. </p><p> Ian: I nominate Barb. </p><p> Steve: We need more names and warm bodies… nobody wants to be President and that’s the office that needs filling the worst. Next topic. </p><p> Purchase of CD burner that was discussed last week. Dennis found prices in Flint ranging at about 600 for SCSI drive and card. Ozz will get more price info from his own people. Everyone keep looking; the more prices we get, the easier the decision will be. Compare brand names, internal/external, &c. Darron’s had good luck with his Ricoh, says certain Yamahas are flaky. Email me with details and/or come to the meeting. </p><p> Ozz will get us a printer cable. </p><p> Treasurer’s report: We made $127 on food/pop this week. No coursepacks? boggle </p><p> Shopping list being made, trip will be made by next meeting. </p><p> Ian: lenny.cs.wmich.edu is up and running. Imagine, a DOS machine with TCP! Free DOS (Caldera’s OpenDOS), and the original lenny’s PC/TCP suite. </p><p> Tim: March 6th, I’ll be unemployed. There’s a career fair at the Radisson first week of March, Saturday I think, so if anyone’s seeking employment, check it out. </p><p> Steve: No further business? We call it, 6:45. Remember, all people going to Chicago, keep checking your email for last minute updates! </p><p> </p>