19 Mar 1998

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 3/19/98 </p><p> Members present: Tim Miley, Steve Sedore, Wesley Leonard, Dennis Huppertz, Kelly Weaver, Darron Christian. </p><p> 1) Elections: They will be next thursday. This is the last week for nominations, and add names as necessary. </p><p> Pres - VP - wesley Secretary - paul Treasurer - darron VP of operations - darron VP of finance - tim WSA rep - Barb </p><p> Steve: nominate wes for prez. Seconded my Darron. Tim nominates Jihad for VP. Seconded by Kelly. Ozz nominated for VP. Kelly nominated for treasurer. Seconded by Ian. </p><p> New slate: Pres - Wesley VP - Wesley, Ozz, Skeeter Secretary - Paul Treasurer - Darron, Kelly VP of operations - Darron VP of finance - Tim </p><p> 2) We need more food and pop. Let’s not splurge so close to the end of the semester. We may have some spring/summer people. </p><p> 3) Web team- still looking. Will be webmaster. We need webmaster to coordinate with team to keep cs website up to date. Every single faculty member knows cclub designed page. We don’t want it to go to hell. Tim accepts responsibility. </p><p> 4) Speaking engagement is DOA. </p><p> 5) Any interest in the E3 expo in Atlanta in May? Does anyone want to go? Jihad is interested in going. </p><p> 6) If anyone needs a printer, say so now. </p><p> 7) Adjourned at 7:05 PM. </p>