28 Mar 2002

Start: 6:15pm </p><p> End: 6:39pm </p><p> Members Present: Lots </p><p>

  1. Speaker, we’re waiting till next semester we guess… </p><p>
  2. Status of Yakko: It’s ZIF socket melted and there was a psychedelic dreamshow and now we’re stuck with unteryakko until we get a new mobo and ram (potentially), and a new CPU. </p><p> The debate now is whether our replacement board will be a dual-Athlon board. The consensus seems to be against getting a dual-Athlon board because it’d be a waste of our money. </p><p>
  3. Books, 5 have come in and the Apache book order was cancelled. All others are confirmed. </p><p>
  4. Presentation schedule is on our homepage. </p>