20 Mar 2003

Start: 6:15pm </p><p> End: 6:50pm </p><p> Members Present: rattles, soloa, gasiorek, camber </p><p>

  1. Erik’s using vim to write the Minutes tonight! (he’s an emacs user) </p><p>
  2. Joe offered to do a presentation about Linux as a Desktop next week. We’re still in need of one more presentation for the week after that but we’ll figure something out. Here’s our current presentation schedule for the remainder of the semester:
    <ul> <li>Mar 20 - Using and accessing your CS Account <li>Mar 27 - Linux as a Desktop by Joe <li>Apr 03 - To be announced (A Debug Presentation perhaps?) <li>Apr 10 - Game Programming on the Gameboy Advance by Erik <li>Apr 17 - We help everyone do everything by everyone </ul> </p><p>
  3. Matt misses us </p><p>
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    <ul> <li>Deposit: $200 this week <li>$43 bottle return, $41.50 of which was used for new soda <li>In summary, we have money </ul> </p><p>
  5. Since the chair is so busy we will be gathering signatures from faculty in an effort to get space for us in the new facilities. </p><p>
  6. Our library policy:
    <ol> <li>Only members can check out books. <li>A book may be checked out for a maximum of two weeks <li>A deposit must be made in order to check out a book. This deposit will be returned when you check the book back in to us </ol> </p><p>