17 Apr 2003

Meeting Start: 6:05pm </p><p> Meeting End: </p><p> Members Present: Gasiorak, Camber, Charlie, Rattles, Jester, Soloa, Chris </p><p>

  1. Officer Elections: </p><p> President: Darren </p><p> Vice President: Charlie </p><p> Secretary: Joe </p><p> Treasurer: Ed </p><p> Systems Administraters: Ed, Matt, and Chad </p><p> Webmaster: Ashish </p><p> Publicity Officer: Sung </p><p> Finance Officer: Ed </p><p>
  2. We have decided to have CD’s ready by Bronco Bash for our install party, which will be our first presentation of the new school year. </p><p>
  3. Ideas for presentations: Basic UNIX and Linux, Debugging, Linux Desktop, Intermediate UNIX, Mac OSX </p><p>
  4. The movie party might be on April 26th. Tentative plans to hold it at Matt’s house.</p>