09 Oct 2003

Members Present: gasiorek, camber, zaphod, fork, phorcep, jester, chedder
6:13 Joe got the mail

  • Went over new mail
6:15 RSO funding
  • Set up appointment and attend workshop to do RSO
  • calling cards - NO!
  • spamming students - YES!
6:17 Phone usage
  • Its costing a lot of money
  • Should we keep it
6:20 kapenga emails
  • Linux help desk
  • We'll work there in exchange for a desk at parkview
  • More updates on our Distro idea's and status report
  • We'll talk to the cs111/112 professors about what they want in a distro
6:23 dot is sending email to cclub.net (which we don't own). and the real owner is getting pissed.
6:29 can we upgrade WIDR stream.