08 Jan 2004

Members Present: Camber, gasiorek, fork, jester, chris, sung, tim
<ul> <li>6:01 Issac Orders food <li>6:05 yakko got hax0rd and we fixed it <li>6:10 We will bring everything up slowly <li>6:12 Make new cd’s for install party <li>6:15 What presentations should we do? <li>6:20 Are we doing anything to attract new members? Flyers? <li>6:21 Upgrade Slappy Proposed <li>6:22 We discussed the clock being way off <li>6:23 Discussed changing root’s password <li>6:25 We get a telemarketer on the phone and then curse them. <li>6:26 We were put on there do-no-call list and then we cursed them again. <li>6:27 We thought that we had all our frustrations with telemarketers out of our system, but we didn't...meeting over. </p><p> </p>