08 Apr 2004

members present: Darren, Eric, Ed, Tim, and special guest Melissa
6:00: Meeting begins
6:00: Elections held:
President: Joe
Vice-President: Eric
Secretary: Tim
Treasurer: Ed
Systems Administrators: Ed, Matt, Eric, and Joe
Finance Officer: Ed
6:04: Ed gives a finance report, we still have a good amount of money.
6:05: Ron Miller's adding another port to our new office, it's still too small
6:06: Yakko will be completely redone after the semester ends. Home directories won't be changed, but everything else will be redone on the new hard drives Matt's ordering. The exact date will be determined by Matt, Eric, Ed, and Joe and posted on yakko and mailed to cclub.
6:07: Isaac suggests buying more KVMs when we get to the new office.