07 Feb 2008

The minutes are being monitored for quality assurance purposes

Meeting Starts 6:11

Constitution updated
all membership has read and approved constitution

motion to add memos denied
motion to stop motions

Dan’s sweater is rockin

Article 5 of constitution is temporarily suspended to speed voting period.
Vote for constitution passed unanimously and is now in effect and unsuspended

Moving to either back to kohrman or to D-115

Lecture recording cart project and funding from WMU

Time limit for presentations

Cameron would like would remove old junk

Geek out to remove junk(worst geek out ever)
Wood Chipper (10000000000 x better geek out)

Kyle awesome for tables

cluster project

expand book collection
book drive

real vacuum after plan or someone bring an old one

club has about 1000 in savings 300 in checking

List for stuff we should
Fix the screen
evidently tech stocks drop every time recession is utter

Fathom will die alone

Plan sponsors++
Steel series options: 3 regular size mouse pad +
pick one{
choice of 2 large mousepads
1 pick of 2 different head sets
2 of 1 other head set
danger den - cooling kits
cpu magazine- give us 100 mags and a preview in next mag

DRC enters the room 7:05
meeting adjorned 7:06