14 Aug 2008

presentations ideas:
History of the Computer club, talk to Ron Schubot and Joel
Guy in town does AI, Trenary willing to talk to him;
Web development
intro to networking
What religion i am today. Dr. Trenary
Intro Linux

Friendship village: computer help, community service, etc
Trenary is going to talk to them about it
Anyone willing to give up a couple of hours a week talk to trenary

Bronco Bash
We are roughly 50ft from the front of Miller;
Coordinators are ok with the balloon as long as it is tethered and not spiked into the ground.
Do we want to have Red Button games in the tent with us?
Head Tracking
BTN may be next to us and we may be able to use some of their space if it is an issue

Air conditioner: contact maintenance services about leak and short of plug

Balloon project:
Need to start ordering parts over the next week
Meeting Sunday 1:00 pm

We need someone to go to Parkview and talk to TA at the beginning of the semester
Whitehat will be contacting Ron
August 29th 1:30
Parkview ronald.miller@wmich