05 Nov 2009

CCLUB Minutes November 5, 2009
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: grg
VP: butters
Treasurer: lyth
VP Finance: Smerky
VP Ops: Crowbar
Secretary: scrabble

grg opens 5:35

scrabble will make website logo for second PLAN flyer

advertisement needs to hit lanpartymap.com (but no one uses it)

have advertised on boxheads, nvidia, and waldoman but haven’t mentioned prizes yet

Future Presentations:
11/5 Ed (LDAP/Kerberos)
11/12 Lyth (Making Games w/XNA)
11/19 Jade (RAID)
11/26 Thanksgiving (No School)

butters thinks the captive portal will work- working on getting paypal set up so users can click through and register

vote to buy t-shirts for PLAN passes unanimously

Thermaltake giving us three things we can give away as prizes

grg adjourns meeting at 6:03