20 May 2010

18:00 Thusday 5/20/2010
Members present: rancor, zerg, ohnomrbill, butters, grg, cokezero, drc

drc Taking minutes

ohnomrbill has brought in a form for application for an armature radio club license. We’re not sure if we trust ourselves to not break FCC rules (i.e. we are immature rather than armature). FCC rules don’t allow for anything fun (no encryption, etc, what’s the point?)

MAME cabinet discussion - Do we have enough drive space? Probably, but butters would like more. We are going to document everything we do to make the system work, and turn it into a script to modify a stock/standard Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) LTS install. After we get the system built, Zerg would like to get a cap kit for the monitor and repaint the cabinet. Rancor would like to wait until after Bronco Bash to work on aesthetic changes of the machine.

PLAN - We should probably think about getting in touch with Cotton about VLAN scripts. What will be brought to Parkview, do we need a truck? Possibly we’ll bring a fridge and some candy. Not anticipating a large turn out for the Summer PLAN as they generally are not, and we have not been aggressively advertising.

Meeting adjourned by rancor at 18:42