22 Sep 2011

6:10 meeting start
6:10 frantic
6:11 badwolf: tribe wants to co-host PLAN and wants to run the starcraft tournament. usually tribe has a cash prize for their tournaments and they want to do some sort of prize at PLAN. They are interested in anything else that we do as well. They would also like us to get involved in some of their events. Still need to talk to/about Odyssey gaming and their possible sponsorship. Decision needs to be made by next week about which sponsor/cohost we want to go with in order to get stuff planned.
6:18 having met tribe and been to a meeting badwolf recommends tribe.
6:21 will tribe be a cohost (help get sponsors and such)? or just run the starcraft tournament?
6:22 so far we want them just to run the starcraft tournament
6:24 vote for shirts is on the forums. shirts will be about 10$ for just the front print. talking about doing the same as last year just in a different color.
6:26 elf going to contact Ron Schubot to get his shirt with the old style logo on it in order to use it on the new shirt.
6:28 talking about getting a budget together for the year and possibly getting some money from WSA
6:29 geek-out this sunday at cclub
6:31 possible board game night.
6:34 proposal for a “skills” page on the website. would list off members’ skills so that people know who to go for in order to get help in certain areas
6:36 meeting end
6:37 drc arrives