16 Oct 2014

October 16th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:09pm

Head Count: 27

Mandatory is in town!

Plan meeting Sunday 2pm:

  • Talk about everything done at plan
  • What we did well on and what can be improved
  • 1200 dollars from plan!

3D printer:

  • Monofuel Reccomended Prusa I3 - reliable and open source design
  • Most parts of the 3D printer can be printed on other printers or bought at home depot, etc.
  • Going to vote next week at meeting about buying one and if so what model
  • Kits could be around 500 dollars
  • Some things we could use this for : Gearing system for door bot, Project boxes, little trophys, etc.

New VP of finance:

  • Karras has gotten busy and decided to step down
  • Grizzly is the new VP of finance

Defcamp and Pico CTF's:

  • Defcamp October 18th at 11am - 20th
  • Defcamp : giving away 3000 Euro in prizes and other gagets
  • Pico October 27th - November 7th - aimed towards high schoolers so it is very beginner level for new CTF participants.
  • October 26th Security build for CTF

Linux Workshop:

  • We need to plan and advertise for another legit workshop at parkview

Outgoing Mail Fixed!:

  • Thank you DRC! We heart you!

Open Badge:

  • Badging system that fits into your resume
  • Might implement that here?
  • Platform being used by Microsoft and other big companys
  • Bling cssquared sphinx segfault are interested in helping set this up
  • openbadges.org

Shirts Will Be in by Halloween:

  • Stay tuned for specific times

WSA Meetings:

  • 4pm Wednesdays in the bernhard center
  • Student run organization
  • Every semester they have tons of money to use and give away to groups like us
  • Good to get involved with this organization
  • They pay for different groups to go to conferences and other events
  • If we prove we are of value, maybe they can pay for stuff like Hacking conventions!


  • Talking about job readiness
  • Company whiteout works for, located in kalamazoo
  • Android development

Resume workshop:

  • October 22nd at schneider hall 3350

Creating Websites for RSOs:

  • Blind, and Andrew are interested
  • We can get funding this way and get other organizations involved with what we do

Stringy Begins Talk

Meeting ends at 6:34pm