29 Jan 2015

January 29th, 2015 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:12pm

Head Count:

  • 30


  • Stryker: Flay is going to be talking to them soon about opportunitys
  • Apple:
  • CS Dept: looking for unix admins at the end of this semester sometime, but want resumes now! cs-sysadmin@wmich.edu
  • CAE center is also hiring one admin at the end of the semester. Talk to Stringy, Renix, or Monofuel!
  • If you know c# oit is hiring.

Job Fair:

  • In Chicago in April, if you are interested talk to Flay.

Mail is fixed!:

  • Wippeeee!

CTF Boston Key Party (super punny):

  • Feb 28th at midnight to March 2nd

Door Bot is running!:

  • Thank you jack, we love you
  • jack++
  • We need to figure out how to grant room access

Two School Events:

  • Racial healing through aviation grant
  • Bus us to battle creek Monday Feb 9th, take off around 3:30
  • We would talk about staying in school, technology, maybe some demos
  • Interested: Renix, Theodore, Sphinx, Flay, monofuel, Brandon.

Communitys and Schools:

  • We might get involved with Emily Demorest and set up some workshops with some of the students she works with in the kalamazoo area.
  • If interested in doing this let Flay know, and dates and times will be revealed at a later date
  • emilydemorest@gmail.com for more information and details!

Meeting ends at 6:16pm