28 May 2015

Summer Meeting 2015-5-28

  • Head count: 9

3D Printer

  • monofuel recalibrated the 3D printer. It’s on the wiki.
  • We’re ordering a part for auto-leveling the bed.

Raspberry Pi 2s

  • We got 2 Raspberry Pi 2s.
  • We’d like to setup a POS system using one of these as a client

Running Projects

  • The aforementioned POS system
  • BountyBucks: crypto-currency being developed by demorest.
  • LDAP unification: unify all our devices and users through LDAP
  • Migrating Magpie to cflock: cflock has gigabit interfaces. We could migrate it to a VM on cflock or add a gigabit NIC to the existing server.
  • New switch/router?


  • June 11
  • We’d like to run a booth much like Parkview Passport