11 Jun 2015

Computer Club Meeting Minutes

  • June 11th, 2015
  • Minutes by cpg, stringy presiding!

Yakko Reboot

  • We had to reboot Yakko because smidbot’s process got orphaned.
  • Should we implement a per-user memory limit on Yakko?

PayPal Alternative

  • Should we set up a Google Wallet to offer an alternative to PayPal?

DHCP Server

  • stringy may be able to provide a machine with two Gigabit NICs.

Tentative PLAN Date

  • PLAN has been set for November 6-7.
  • Contact Hardison if you see any major conflicts, since this date isn’t completely solid yet.

Donations to Habitat for Humanity

  • In memory of Calvin Chao, you are encouraged to donate to Habitat for Humanity through Computer Club’s PayPal.
  • Be sure to put this in the notes section when donating.