02 Jul 2015

Weekly Meeting - July 2, 2015

Minutes by cpg

Head Count: 10


  • Asterisk is currently down, meaning the phone is currently unavailable.

Bronco Bash

  • giggles has registered us for Bronco Bash.
  • Bronco Bash will be on September 11.

Software Defined Radio

  • The Toshiba laptop in our room is running Pentoo and is optimized for running software defined radio.

3D Printer

  • The 3D printer has been calibrated, and should only need tweaks right now.

Running Projects


  • We’re looking at Rigol DS1000 series Oscilloscope.
  • For the logic analyzer, we might want to get a standalone device, such as the DSLogic from Hackaday.


  • The new shelf we plan on getting will be $92.
  • This will require some rearrangement.


  • We will be replacing any non-gigabit networking hardware with gigabit.
  • We have verified that all jacks in the room are gigabit.

Other Projects

  • POS System with OpenBravo
  • Bounty Bucks
  • PLAN Site