24 Sep 2015

Weekly Meeting, September 24, 2015

  • Head Count: 39
  • Minutes by cpg

CSAW CTF Qualifier

  • We placed 77th in the undergraduate competition! Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Defcamp CTF

  • The Defcamp Online Qualification will take place from Midnight October 3rd to 12 PM October 4th.
  • Some CTF competitions may qualify for college credits next semester.

Western Filmmakers Association

  • The Western Filmmakers Association at WMU needs a website. If you are interested in helping with its development, talk to cpg or sink.

PLAN Meetings

  • PLAN Meetings will take place every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Computer Club office, starting October 8th.

Computer Club Business Cards

  • Keep an eye out for Computer Club businesss cards, with design by our very own Kami.
  • If you have suggestions on design details, feel free to talk to Kami or any other officers.