04 Feb 2016

Weekly Meeting Minutes, February 4th, 2016

  • Minutes by cpg
  • Head Count: 28

MSP430 Kit Assembly

  • Want to help assemble MSP430 kits for students in CS 2230? Let sphinx know if you are interested.
  • These kits need to be ready by Tuesday, February 9th.

Alumni Wishlist

  • There is a wishlist of items that the alumni are willing to buy for us! See the document here.

Western Wednesday

  • Western Wednesday is a promotional event put on by the Western Student Association.
  • Computer Club will partner with WSA for this on March 16th, at 11 AM in Floyd Hall (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences).
  • Talk to cpg if you would like to help run the table. This is an opportunity to promote Computer Club and its upcoming functions.


  • Plan has been scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd for a slightly shorter event than last semester’s PLAN.
  • PLAN meetings up until this date will take place every other week after the official Computer Club meetings on Thursday evenings.
  • Dell has shown interest in sponsoring Computer Club functions, including PLAN.
  • Approach or send messages to Hardison or transistor for more information.