23 Feb 2017

February 23rd, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by mobyte in emacs

31 people in attendance, including: kami, zurek, kessler, ohaimark, strongth, stringy, dolphin, rush, kell, mobyte

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • PLAN has been moved to the weekend of April 1st and the setup will be on March 31st.
    • strongth, dolphin, leech, zurek, stringy, sgtsarcasm, and mobyte have volunteered to help set up PLAN and to help run tournaments.
  • There will also be a PLAN meeting tomorrow (2/24) at 4 PM.
  • Additionally, we have received an official sponsorship from Level Data and they want to give us computer mice to give away as prizes!
  • Thanks to sgtsarcasm, stringy, strongth, zurek, kami, and mobyte for helping out at the PLAN meeting!

Science Olympiad

  • The event is set for February 25th (this Saturday).
  • The plan is to meet at Bernhard Center at noon.
  • Thank you to the following people for volunteering:
    • kami, stringy, Steve Johnson, hellbacon, pasportit, strongth, zurek, kell, and mobyte.


  • Recently a new CTF server was set up by stringy to offer some new challenges.
    • You can access the challenges by visiting the URL http://ctf.cclub/ at the Computer Club office.
    • Thanks to stringy for setting this up!
  • This is a perfect opportunity for people new to CTFs that want to learn more about them.

High School Outreach

  • Volunteers will be needed on March 2nd and April 18th at Parkview to set up the Oculus Rift as a demo from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM.
    • Thanks to kessler, stringy, and strongth for volunteering to help set this up!


  • Dr. Trenary is looking for ICPC programmers to represent Western Michigan University in the Fall 2017 semester.
  • The old members of the ICPC team are graduating, so people interested should join.
  • There is a recommendation to have taken at least CS1120.
  • The objective is to use python to solve algorithm problems.
  • You can contact sgtsarcasm on IRC or join the #icpc channel to learn more.

Office Cleaning

  • zurek has proposed to have the Computer Club office floor deep cleaned.
  • He will soon have a set date during the weekend and he will need volunteers to help move tables and furniture.
  • When this date is found out, it will be noted in that week’s minutes.


  • We now have a directory on the server to share some digital books.
    • You can find these at /home/shared/Lit.
  • Additionally, we will soon start voting on which physical books for Computer Club to buy.
    • If you would like to look at the current list of books that we are interested in or if you would like to suggest a book, go here: goo.gl/aT5CrR.

Vice President Election

  • The people nominated for the Vice President position today were:
    • dolphin
    • leech
    • mobyte
    • sgtsarcasm
    • zurek
  • After voting, zurek has been elected Vice President after receiving a majority of the votes!
    • Congratulations to zurek!
  • Additionally, the officers have decided to make dolphin the VP of PR as he will assist with Computer Club’s social media presence.
    • Congratulations to dolphin!

Meeting ends at 7:02 PM