23 Mar 2017

March 23rd, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by mobyte in emacs

35 people in attendance, including: zurek, strongth, stringy, mobyte, ohaimark, mind, kami, leech

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Go Talk

  • Matt Layher, a Western Michigan University graduate now working at DigitalOcean, was found on reddit by Twitch.
    • He came from DigitalOcean’s headquarters in New York to give Computer Club a talk about the Go language and to answer questions about working with Go at his job.
  • If you would like to see some of the projects he has worked on, you can check out his GitHub here: https://github.com/mdlayher.
  • Thank you very much to Matt Layher for sharing his valuable information about


  • hush is coming to the Computer Club office to recruit students for Apple next Thursday at the meeting.
    • For anyone attending, there will also be pizza.
  • He will also come to Dr. Trenary’s classes if you cannot make it to the meeting.


  • Dr. Trenary’s video addressing challenges we have had as an RSO be available on March 29th.


  • PLAN is coming up soon and it will be on the weekend of April 1st with setup on March 31st.
  • Thanks to dolphin and mobyte for putting up a lot of posters up around campus.
    • Please help us by taking any of the posters at the office or print your own to put up around campus.
  • There were also some plans to chalk pavements around campus on Tuesday (instead of during the weekend due to weather).
  • Please talk to strongth if you would like to volunteer to run the concessions stand.
  • The last PLAN meeting will be tomorrow (2/24) around 5 PM to discuss prizes that will be given to tournament winners.
    • If you are volunteering to help at a tournament, it is very important for you to attend this meeting or to tell kami or zurek that you will not be able to make it.


  • The MHacks Hackathon is this weekend and kessler is taking a group to University of Michigan’s campus to attend.
  • There is also a Slack server now available which can be joined by anyone with a .edu email.
    • This is a server to organize with other clubs and organizations in Michigan to share ideas and talk about programming or hacking events.
    • Everyone is encouraged to join if they want to learn more about programming events happening around Michigan
    • To join, you can go here: https://mittenhackers.slack.com/signup.


  • The iFixit toolkit bits aren’t here yet but they were ordered last week.
  • The Paypal card swipe is also on its way and should hopefully be here next week.


  • We are planning on creating Computer Club shirts this year.
  • kami is busy with other things, so everyone is invited to create their own design for a Computer Club shirt.
  • Sign up by April 1st if you want to submit a design.
    • If you would like to submit a design, it must be vectorized due to shirt printing requirements.
    • Please contact kami if you do not know how to do this.

Meeting ends at 6:14 PM