06 Apr 2017

April 6th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by mobyte in emacs

30 people in attendance, including: kami, twitch, zurek, ohaimark, stringy, mobyte, sphinx, strongth

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • Everyone had a great time at PLAN last weekend. We cleaned up everything last Sunday and had many successful tournaments.
  • We have noted that 70 people attended the event over the weekend.
  • Additionally, after counting up all of the numbers, we have made $500 from this Spring’s PLAN!
  • Thank you to everyone in Computer Club that volunteered to make this event possible!


  • kami has informed us that the server could possibly be back soon after an internal incident has happened.
  • For the time that our server is down, anyone is welcome to join us on slack at: https://ccawmu.slack.com/join.
  • The situation is currently being taken care of and more details will come soon.
  • Until that happens, it has been requested that everyone stays calm and avoids overreacting to any rumors.
  • It has been requested:
    • Do not attempt to force any individuals to give you information.
    • Do not attempt to force any individuals to take action.
    • Do not assume any speculation as fact.
    • Do not take action into your own hands.
    • Do not be insulting to any other individuals.
    • Do not attribute speculation as fact to the names of any individuals, inside or outside of Computer Club.
    • To remember to respect all members within and outside of this club.
    • To remain calm and be patient.
  • If any of these requests are not respected, action may be taken by the Computer Club executive board.
  • While this situation is being resolved, we must trust kami, Dr. Trenary, and Dr. Carr as they handle the situation.
  • Many people during the meeting shared their thoughts on this situation. Their thoughts, feelings, and support are greatly valued.

Kalamazoo Makers

  • ohaimark has told us about a new Kalamazoo Makerspace posted on the Kalamazoo Facebook page.
  • They are currently looking to start a Python user group.
  • If you are interested in checking this out, follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/KzooMakers/.

Job Offer

  • kessler has let us know about a Classroom Technician job offer at Western Michigan University where he works.
  • Contact kessler on Slack for more information and details.

Linux User Group

  • fidget has suggested to create a Linux user group to help new Linux users.
  • With this group, they could meet up every week for about an hour to learn more about Linux or to help others.
  • To find out more information or to show your interest, contact fidget.


  • It was mentioned that for an upcoming hackathon, there will be a meeting at Kalamazoo College on Sunday at 3 PM.
  • They will take a group to talk about strategy and what the event will be like.
  • An email will be sent to everyone about this. They can reply if they would like to check it out.

Officer Nominations

  • There will be nominations at next week’s meeting for the Computer Club officers for the next year.
    • It should be noted that kami will be not be running again for president. People should carefully consider who they want the next Computer Club president to be.
  • The elections will be the week after the nominations.

Meeting ends at 6:39 PM