11 Jan 2018

January 11th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

18 people in attendance, including: kahrl, dolphin-phone, cookie, zurek

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

BonzAI Brawl

  • During the second weekend in April, MTU will be putting on an AI development competition.

  • This a basic AI competition that would be easy enough for all levels of programming knowledge.

  • The idea is for us to just compete remotely from our campus and digitally submit our work.

  • Dr. Carr would like us to get 4-5 teams of 2-3 people together so that we can setup a competition environment here.

  • The BonzAI API is java and that would be the main programming language for the competition.

  • For more information on BonzAI Brawl click here!


  • The spring plan this year will take place on March 24-25.

  • PLAN meetings will start tomorrow. Meeting time will be tentatively schedule for 2pm on Fridays for every Friday until PLAN.

  • Lets all put in effort to make this the best PLAN yet!

The Western Herald Article

  • The herald would like to speak to member of club about what the club means to us as members.

  • Dr. Carr thinks this would be good exposure for the club and let people know what we do.

  • If you are interested in interviewing with the herald talk to Kahrl

The Gaming Girl Scouts

  • A group of local girl scouts have shown interest in learning about video game design.

  • This would be a great opportunity for us to affect out local community.

  • If anyone is familiar with basic video game design please let Kahrl know.

Embedded Systems Venture Project

  • This course is project-oriented and its goal is to engage sophomore/junior students to gain professional experience with embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • Embedded Venture students will be mentored and work closely with a faculty advisor to deliver needed solutions and services.

  • Please contact Prof. Al-Fuqaha (ala.al-fuqaha@wmich.edu) if you are highly motivated to join the embedded venture.

  • Prerequisites list: CS 2230, 1310, and ECE 2500

  • Most of the above information was taken from his email. Sign up ASAP if you are interested.

Maestro internship

  • A local development company, Maestro, is looking for people to join there internship program.

  • The pay is $14/hr for 20-30hrs/week(Check your email from Dr. Carr for more information)

  • They are looking for familiarity with Web Development Programming languages

  • If interested in applying send you resume to jobs@meetmaestro.com

CEAS Chili Cook Off

  • This will be the first ever CEAS Chili Cook Off. The hope is to make this an annual event.

  • The Event will be held on 01/21/18 at Eldridge Hall(Valley III), from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

  • Kahrl and Zurek will be representing the Club so wish them luck and talk to them if you would like to enter as well.

  • For more info on the event click here

Esports Arena

  • President Montgomery has approved $500,000 in funding going towards the development of an esports arena as per a proposal of an esports team from OIT.

  • Zurek and Kahrl are going to converse with the persons in charge of coming up with the PLAN for the arena.

  • If you have any experience with any type of gaming tournaments talk to Kahrl

Linux Library

  • Typo has ordered a large amount of 16gb flash drives for club.

  • The idea is that we can have ready to go bootable flash drive of many different Distros of Linux and other OSs to assist with getting PCs ready for classes and other OS related projects

The Door Swipe

  • The positive factor of the door swipe would be allowing members to access club as freely as they please.

  • Unfortunately this has great downsides such as Losing autonomy in controlling room access(probably forever) to campus safety, Cost of around $1000, and it would also be non transferable if for whatever reason the club was relocated.

  • Those who were present at club voted to not get the door swipe access, but we did not feel that those present at club represent a majority of current club members so we will make google forms or other online ballot for those who did not attend to vote.

  • For now you can message in officer if the door is locked when you arrive. Alternatively you can call the office phone by clicking here

Spring Book Buy

  • Club is doing a book buy in the upcoming months.

  • If you have any books or other materials that would benefit you or the club with computer relate projects, please mention it in the officers room in the chat.