01 Feb 2018

#February 1st, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

19 people in attendance, including: taco, dolphin-phone, DrewR, spacedog, taylor, zurek, Kahrl, Tank21, ohaimark, sphinx, cookie, sgt, leech, mind, typo

5:57 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Chili at Club

  • Tomorrow night(Friday) at 6:30 Kahrl and Zurek are making there award winning chili at club.

  • Please join us in the club office!

Strongth’s Words of Advice

  • Strongth has two words he would like to share with us

  • IBM ,which is where Strongth works in Texas, have internships in software development available for this summer that they are currently looking to fill.Click here for job opportunities

  • Strongth will be giving a workshop on TDD(test driven development) with J-Unit and java. The event will take place on Friday 2/8, we have 9 people interested in going.

  • If you are interested in applicable experience that would help in an AGILE practicing work place or if you will be taking senior design soon this is good knowledge for you.

  • Talk to Kahrl and Strongth if you are interested in either of there opportunities.

Club Finances

  • The club currently posses $5500($1500+ from last year) between our paypal and bank account.

  • Kahrl proposes that we should allocate some of these resources for PLAN including prizes and advertisement.

  • We voted and majority rules that we should allocate $1000 dollars to make this PLAN the best plan yet using the money for the prizes and additional advertisement.

Matrix Finance

  • Matrix(The software on which our chat system is built on) recieved a donation of $5,000,000 which is great for our chat platform!

  • We have in the past discussed contributing to Matrix in support of a product that we use, but in light of this sizable donation they just received we will bring that the topic back up at a later date.


  • A new #jobs room has been made in riot for people to post any job offers that they feel might interest club members.

  • Sphinx still needs a third person for a network administration job at Parkview for network related tasks security related things. Talk to sphinx if interested.

  • Striker is looking to hire software development interns for this summer. If you are interested in applying talk to the mind.

  • IBM in Texas is looking to hire summer software development interns as well. Talk to Strongth if you are interested.

Embedded Systems Venture Project

  • Dr. Al-Fuqaha is offering and Embedded Systems Venture certificate that can go on top of your degree.

  • The course last over two semester, the only pre-requisites being CS2230 and ECE2500

  • Talk to Kahrl or Dr. Al-Fuqaha if you are interested.


  • GFS decided that they would allow us a club to get a membership for discounts at GFS.

  • There is no membership fee so we might as well join so that if someone is not around with a wholesale club card we have a cheaper option for shopping than the super market.

  • They also allow online order so that we can just walk in and pick up the goods.

  • As long as you know the our membership number you are free to use it for personal use whenever you want. (Will be posted upon receiving)

Chili Tomorrow @ 6:30!