15 Nov 2018

October 25th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

19 people in attendance, including: drewr, cookie, dolphin, typo, taylor, kami, skuld, tyrna, spacedog, zurek, hellbacon, cookie

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

The Live Stream Meeting

  • we are operating a live twitch stream

  • we are using twitch

  • we can try to explore options if we don’t want to do this with twitch

  • the link for it is in the chat

  • we have this mainly for alumni and former members to view club meetings

PLAN Wrapup

  • plan was last saturday

  • turnout was pretty low

  • we did not plan plan well enough

  • we did not have many people for main planning

  • plan was huge back in the day

  • we did not have very many volunteers

  • we need more involvment

  • if club does not want to do this, we should try to come up with alternatives

  • we did get a connection with rocket league and smash bros

Other Options

  • spacedog could have a c club hosted game jam

  • it is game development hackathon-esque

  • it covers a weekend

  • we could do something similar in relation to ai and machine learning in gaming as well

  • there is bonsai brawl in the spring

  • we could promote an ai running and charge people to watch, like spectating

  • these ideas are just in the idea phase right now

  • we have an after meeting talk block where we talk about plan

AIAA and Argonia Cup

  • logan and ariana

  • aiaa is the astronautics aeronautics

  • they build and fly their own rc planes and rockets

  • they are part of argonia cup

  • Argonia cup site here

  • it is march 30 and 31

  • they fly up to a certain point and delploy a package on the ground

  • they need programmers

  • they are using arduinos

  • you get credit for the code if they publish it

  • they using servos

  • they meet 630 tuesday in the aerospace lab

  • 330 friday in the aerospace lab is another meeting, though they want to talk to programmers at the tuesday meeting

  • AIAA email logan.s.hefferan@wmich.edu

Investment Opportunities

  • we have enough funds to invest money in club

  • we want to do a spring book buy

  • we can try to find a solid copy of cs 1 and cs 2 books

  • we would like to focus on course books

  • pm cookie with interested books

  • we could go to a new 3d printer

  • possibly an ultimaker

  • we could also invest in a $50 machine for vending

  • we can update or buy a new gaming computer

  • we can transplant king crow

  • if you have any ideas with what to do with this funding, pm cookie

Yako server

  • the old yako server is on the desk

  • you are free to mess around with that

  • just let people know first

  • let people know in officers


  • icpc competition was last saturday

  • western sends a team to this to do story problem programming

  • one team got third place at the competition

  • over half of the teams solvved zero problems

  • the team is currently run by Ahmed

  • if you are interested talk to spacedog

  • the next one is next fall

PS4 Controllers

  • we have three dualshock ps4 controllers for plan

  • we will put these to club use instead of plan


  • tank is interim treasurer, however we need a new one for next semester

  • we need to take a vote

  • we will do nominations at meeting after thanksgiving

  • we will vote at the meeting after that


  • there is no meeting next week

  • skuld has an after meeting talk on open gl the week after thanksgiving

  • we have one other slot after that

  • dinner is at roadhouse at 7