18 Apr 2019

April 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in Firefox

People in attendance, including: limpbizkit, alu, cookie, sweeney, kahrl, taylor, spacedog, tyrna, tali, cpg, drewr, tank, zurek, coop, presto

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Over the Summer

  • all of these things could be used to bring in new members

New Fliers

  • we need colorful fliers

  • somebody should not see a boring black and white flier

  • we could also get flash drives to give away

  • this could be useful for passport day, bronco bash, and early cs class visit

Fix Office Command

  • we need to fix the office command

  • if you want to help with this, come see cookie

  • this would be extremely helpful for taylor to see who all is in the room when she generates minutes

VM availability on Servers

  • we can put up a vm/shell

  • hellbacon believes that we could set up an ssh shell for this

  • we could set up some autonomy for it

  • this could set up our club with a feature that other people would not have

Make a budget

  • to receive wsa funding, around $3000, we need to make a budget for computer club

  • the treasurer should be in charge of this

  • we could use the money

Continue on Snacks

  • we need to come up with a solution to secure our snacks and our money

  • we just need to keep up on tabs, putting shame on people that have more than $20 owed

  • we could also restrict access to certain club features at that point

  • we need to secure the money big time

  • possibly a vending machine

Gaming PC

  • we have approved $1500 for a good quality gaming PC

  • we need to set up windows licenses for some of these computers, too

  • we need more for our gaming systems in general, i.e. mice and headphones


  • over the summer we could get some displays and demos for passport day and bronco bash

  • we could hack the signal to a drone

  • if you have any ideas for projects, let us know in officers

Mount Projector

  • we need to talk to more people about getting the projector mounted

  • now that our schedules are hopefully let up, summer would be a good time to get this taken care of

Club Historian?

  • since alu got the wiki edited, presto has looked at our history a little bit

  • there is little to no documentation of our history

  • in order to improve the longevity of our club, we need to keep some things documented

  • this club has been around for around 43 years

  • next semester, we should have a proper historian role

  • until then, presto is willing to help set this up

  • we could talk to hardin, trenary, magoo, sphinx, and others


  • notlikethesoup says that leveldata is looking for a developer

  • billy says that safari circuits is looking for a full time it/cis-admin and a developer position

  • if interested look on the jobs channel on riot

Cookie’s Farewell

  • cookie says that he was very happy to be our president and was honored that he was elected

  • he counts every one of us as a friend

  • he will be moving to the detroit area in the near future


  • alu wants to make sure that all of the personal pages are updated

  • we are officially into every social media except for flickr


  • dinner is at Gonzo’s at 7:00